Questions and answers from our conversations with Awesome Media Gallery users.

What does the Awesome Gallery do?

Awesome Media Gallery lets users join and upload images and videos on your website.

Is it like Behance, Dribbble and 500px?

Yes, however its a stand-alone version that can be installed on any web server.

Who is the site for?

It can be useful for photography clubs, modelling agencies, art communities, graphic design portals, comedy sites, food and recipe sites, restaurants, travel sites, hotel rooms, car collections, portfolios, etc.

Does it support drag and drop file uploading?


What are the server requirements?

Every Mysql/PHP server that we have tried can run this script. Any entry level, shared server from GoDaddy, Hostgator, Media Temple, 1&1, Bluehost, or many other hosting services should easily do the trick!

Can users sign in using social media?

Members can join and sign in using Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Hotmail, and Yahoo accounts. We'll have Twitter working soon.

Can people create user profiles and interact with others?

Each user can have custom avatars, detailed profile descriptions, favourite images, and follow other members. There's lots of statistics for members to look over.

Is the Awesome Media Gallery responsive for tablets and phones?

Of course, it's one of the reasons its so awesome! It has a mobile-phone.css and mobile-tablet.css to modify the responsiveness for each type of device. Unfortunately, our mobile experience is still in beta, so we turned off some features for these devices. However, you can re-enable them if you so choose, by modifying the css files and some parts of the php code.

Why are there no upload functions on my tablet (ipad) or phone?

Given the complexity of mobile devices, we thought it safe to disable certain features. Currently uploading from mobile devices is deactivated, but may be turned back on for tablets if you wish. However, there may be no way to upload images from these devices, so it may be pointless. We also deactivated some features in order to make sure the experience is enjoyable (ie. quicker load times and less confusion). We plan on taking a better look at mobile devices for the next release, however creating features that work well across all devices can be quite complicated and costly to produce.

How do I change the max file upload size?

You'll also need to update upload/js/main.js (on line 35)maxFileSize : 1572864. You might also need to update your php.ini, by setting upload_max_filesize to your desired size, e.g. 5M. Note: Some shared hosting environments will not allow you to update this.

Is is possible to add media files using CSV?

Not yet, but we've added it to our roadmap! It would be especially awesome for video links ;)

If you sign up for our advanced support service, we will create this feature and install it on your AMG website within 2 weeks.

Can I upload Video files directly to the AMG server?

Not yet, but we've added it to our roadmap. Currently all video files (and music files), must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo first. Afterwards, you can upload the links into AMG. For the moment, serving video files through Youtube and Vimeo is probably the best course of action to maintain an efficient web server. We're hoping to support Amazon and other CDN services soon.

Is is possible to add music files?

It's not yet possible to upload mp3's and wav files to AMG directly, however, you can upload your music to Youtube, and choose video as an upload option in AMG. Therefore AMG can support music. We've also updated our roadmap to include an advanced music upload feature!

If you sign up for our advanced support service, we will create this feature and install it on your AMG website within 2 weeks.

Is there an admin control panel we can take a look and test it out?

Yes, we have setup a demo here. The username is '' and the password is 'admin12345'.

Can I disable user registration?

Currently, there is no admin setting to turn off user registration. However you can hide the sign-up and sign-in buttons, and rename the php files, to disable user registration manually.

What do I get for buying AMG?

The major benefit for buying AMG is getting access to an awesome framework. We're going to fix any bugs you find with bi-weekly updates on Envato. We're also going to improve the gallery and bring amazing new features in the upcoming future. We will also provide more coding tips to help you change up the style of your AMG installation. ENGAGE will always be here to provide you with premium web development solutions.

I'm having problems setting up Mokoala Mysql DB

Check to make sure the database is setup right, and that the db_user has full priviledges. Also if you're still having issues, you may need to change your host name from localhost to or another ip address. Issues are usually related to improperly configured servers and databases, rather than a malfunctioning Mokoala installation.

What is the full extent of Mokoala's power?

By default, we hid some of Mokoala's features to keep it simple for our users. However, advanced programmers can show the 'pages', posts' and 'modules' sections of Mokoala and really go to work in building an expansive website. For example, Mokoala could be used to manage all pages on the site, and the posts within a blog. And its modules section allows for the addition of fieldsets for any content type.

How many advertising spots are on every page?

AMG offers 3 advertising sections on the site. One in the header (728x40). One in the top of the gallery (720x90). One in the member profile sidebar (600x160). AMG only offers limited ad support on each page, however the functionality can be easily expanded by any website developer.

How easy is it to change the design of AMG?

AMG makes it really easy to change the layout. Its mostly achieved using LESS css. Its exactly like CSS, but even more powerful and even simpler to use. Unfortunetaly, AMG does not come with any psds or design layout templates.

Is the script fully optimized to avoid server overloading?

We've put a lot of effort into making sure our code is efficient and server cached. Many of the dependant jQuery libraries are loaded from the cloud, we have minimised the number of http requests on the server and included an awesome htaccess file built with caching in mind. Video files are served from Youtube, Vimeo, or Vine. Image file sizes are restricted by default at 1.5 MB. Depending on your server, you should really have few issues with overcapacity when under 10,000 images and under 10,000-15,000 page views per day.

Does the script include a translation module?

AMG does not currently support multiple languages. Any language must be translated manually across each php page. This feature has been added to our future roadmap.

Does paying for email support grant some exclusivity of code?

We do not offer exclusivity on our code. $99 is for one month of business-level support (and we're willing to develop and install the feature you asked for).

Can members follow other members and receive notices within the activity feed?

Yes, every member has an activity feed that shows what they have done on AMG, and what other members they follow have done. We'll soon release an activity feed email update, that will send out an email to users that haven't logged in for some time. Also, admins have access to a global activity feed that reports the actions of every member.

Where I can set the image quality for the uploaded photos?

There are two image quality settings to take into consideration. 1) Thumbnails and 2) Image on single image page. Both can changed in /ADMIN/LIBRARY/COM/MOKOALA/FILE/ImageThumbClass.php by adjusting the 'quality' variable. It is set to 100 by default. As far as we know, Mokoala uploads a duplicate of the file onto the server, without changing any quality settings - and that file is ultimately passed through the crop functions to generate the thumbnails and single images. If you're performing tests with the same images, be sure to delete the cropped images from the cache /TPL/IMG/THUMBS/.