An elegant, robust and customizable framework for any media sharing community.
Give your members the power to share collections of photos, images and videos with one another.

Awesome Media Gallery

Some Highlighted Features

  1. Easy installation and setup.

  2. Robust CMS with extendable APIs.

  3. Responsive design for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

  4. Create custom images and videos galleries.

  5. Drag and drop multiple file uploads.

  6. Edit member profiles in the front-end.

  7. Almost everything is AJAX - less page reloads.

  8. Member statistics: images, favourites, views, comments.

  9. Optimized for SEO with semantical HTML and CSS.

  10. Over 2,000 hours of quality design and development included.

  11. Integration with Wordpress Included in the WP Version.